Version 3.0


                        Copyright (C) 2010-2015
                          By Rudolph R. Loew

The TeraByte Plus Package is a set of Tools and Patches that provide support
for Hard Drives with Larger Capacities and/or Larger Sector Sizes than was
possible previously with DOS and Windows 98 and 98SE.

Support is provided for Hard Drives up to 32768TiB.

Extended Support is provided for 64-Bit Addressed SCSI and USB Drives.

Logical Sector Sizes are supported up to 32KB in DOS and 4KB in Windows.

Larger Logical Sector Sizes can be emulated on Drives with smaller Sectors.

Support is added for Clusters up to 256 Sectors in length, allowing for
 extra large FAT12 and FAT16 Partitions if needed.

Support provided for Multiple Extended Partitions per Drive.

Boot Support is added for all of these Configurations.

Native Mode SATA Support is provided to allow SATA Drives to be connected
 directly to the Motherboard without using RAID Drivers.

Generic SATA Drivers are provided to support many SATA Controller Cards
 including the JMicron PCI-E Cards.

The RFDISK Partitioning Utility provides Advanced Partitioning capability and
can Install a Multi-Boot Profile MBR that allows setting up Multiple Boot
Configurations selectable during Boot. This Package is also available

The RFORMAT Formatting Utility provides Advanced Formatting capability
allowing control over Partition Parameters such as Cluster Size, Reserved
Space, etc. This Package is also available separately.

The Universal Disk Boot Manager Package (BOOTMAN2) is an Overlay that
provides BIOS support for Hard Drives that are not supported by the
Motherboard's own BIOS. This Package is also available separately.


DOS, Windows 98 or 98SE compatible with English Version Patches.
Floppy Drive (for Floppy based programs)
CD/DVD Drive (for CD based programs)
No AHCI Only SATA Controllers Present

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